Root cause Analysis of Equipment Breakdowns

Most of the actions after machine failure are merely band-aids, a why-why analysis can helps you to identify how to really prevent the issue from happening again. I have seen that few companies made a common format blindly. Either of WHY-WHY or 5W2H. 5W2H...

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Predictive Maintenance Methods

Predictive maintenance (PdM) or condition based maintenance (CBM) is to monitor predefine parameters over the time and predict it’s failure time to make corrective repair to restore its normality. Entrances officials need to study an incredible assortme...

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Big Savings in Capital Expenditure

Companies are used to grow by their expanding sales turnover and new ventures. Its require to invest on capital equipments to achieve the higher sales goal but unfortunately, they have comparatively small capital budget with contrast of one year vision an...

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