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Procurement Support

Apart from free supplier database, We support MRO procurement team for MRO procurement data analysis, assist for procurement,working for product sourcing to reduce procurement efforts and many to improve productivity and savings of your procurement process


Expert Support for Asset Management

Our experts do support you for on site asset maintenance, Establish and maintain effective preventive and predictive maintenance processm Project co-ordination and many more


Data analysis

Our Basic expertise is operation and maintenance data analysis. We help you to find process gray area in production and planning, Asset management and maintenance. Outcome of this analysis will add value in terms of reliability and savings by reducing Muda,
We also have our own power BI base data visualisation system "MaiproDat" which helps you on data monitoring. Apart


Buyers and Suppliers network

A free to use database for all maintenance suppliers and service providers in various catagories to support the professionals.We also supporting users with free quote comparison,Product information, forum discussion, technology blog and many. You also can request directly for any product and document support..join and avail all

Business Registration Benefits


Better Online Visibility

You may have your own websites but how many know about it? Listing with MRO dedicated business directory will help you for driving potential customers to your online business. Powerful internet marketing strategies are the fuel that feed the engine of your business online.


Sales Lead

Simple designed business profile to showcase your strength, Supported by community review,AskMRO verification,product review blog, forum support all will help you to generate new sales lead.In business, good contacts matter to get future business. build your contact base


New product introduction

Our blog section is dedicated for new technologies and new / advance products in MRO sector. you can introduce your New Product in our blog . Also you can get detailed product reviews by our technical experts.


Better Marketing Network

As we are dedicated to MRO sectors only, your business is highly focused and can't be lost in many. Site visitors are mainly decission making professionals from plant engineering and maintenance sector who deals with or infuence MRO procurements. Take the advantage and Make your online presence more bolder with us, build your visitors

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