20 Energy Savings Tips for Industry


Energy Saving is not only a green initiative, it is one of the major cost saving initiative too as industries spend a lot on their energy consumption.

Obviously for fine tuning, you need to consult with energy auditors but there any many low hanging fruits which you can avail by your own only by simple study of your system.

Here is 20 common energy saving tips which you should try before to call for energy audit

  1. Measure – Identify your concern area : Someone correctly said that if you cant measure, you cant control. You may have individual energy meters for every load centers (Power distribution panels). If not, then you can install energy meters to measure and find most energy consuming equipment to concentrate.
  2. Improve motor performance : Installing drive is common energy saving project. But remember best drive works with 98% efficiency which means, they have energy loss of 2% . Use drive wisely. For constant speed requirement, optimize the motor size itself.
  3. Use soft starter instead of DOL starter – for motors more than 7.5 HP, use soft starter instead of DOL.
  4. Compressor – any compressor with motor more than 50 HP are a big load on system. Study motor load / unload pattern to understand the load behavior. Remember what the power it is consuming on no load is direct loss of energy. Use drive if it is loading for less than 85% of running time. (loading Hour/running hour)X100.
  5. Compressed Air : working on require air pressure is the best way to save on air. Use energy efficient nozzles. In general, 10-15% of air wasted due to air leaks and inefficient system design. Arrest air leakages and improve air distribution system. Uses of aluminum extrudes pipes reduces pressure drop in system and thus improves system efficiency.
  6. Read your energy bill – You need to pay on power consumption and power demand. Both can be optimized with better power factor. Centralized APFC capacitor panel with small capacitor panel near the load are the best options to improve system power factor. Some power distribution agencies penalized consumers for low power factor.
  7. Use Solar Power : Solar power is free and in India, availability of Sun is good to produce power. You can think to use rooftop power panels on grid or off grid to generate solar power.
  8. Think about CNG – If you are using, LPG as fuel the think to switchover to CNG


  1. Turn On/Off equipment wisely as many idle machinery consumes energy and many heating loads consume considerable energy during start-up.
  2. Use natural light – Improve building design to get more natural lights in shop-floor and offices.
  3. Comfort air conditioning temperature setting – compressors works to reduce your room temperature. Most optimized temperature setting is 27C which can help a lot on energy saving.
  4. Check Insulation – for refrigerant gas lines, AHU duct and rooms check heat insulation. You can use thermal camera to know the insulation health. (to choose a thermal camera to start with, read Basic Thermal Camera from Flir – C5
  5. Reduce clean room heights – AC works to cool the room volume. Optimizing the clean room height reduces AC works and its energy consumption.
  6. Use sheds on windows to avoid heat transfer from sun/ outer environment
  7. Use LED Wisely – LED is better energy saving options where you need to keep it on for a long time but not a good energy saving option where you need frequent on/off
  8. Clean AC Outdoor units – Heat generates by AC need to be cooled in evaporate cooling units which has cooling fins. Accumulated dust and dirt conserve heats and restricts AC to get cooled and so, AC consumes more energy to cool the space
  9. Be collaborative be sensitive Help to create energy aware work force which will help you to save energy
  10. Furnaces insulation use thermal imaging to arrest insulation breaks and heat loss
  11. Use recuperation / heat recovery – Use furnaces exhaust and compressor radiator to recover the waste heat and can use for preheating other process.
  12. Cool water at appropriate temperature Don’t cool much than it require, optimize process temperature wisely to reduce delta t. It will reduce energy consumption.
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