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Patankar Industries -Machine lights

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Machine lighting is one of the most neglected areas in the industry. Glare, reflection and inadequate illumination cause operator fatigue, Which in turn adversely affects the quality and efficiency.

Patankar Industries, pioneers in the field of machine lamps, offer a complete range of glare free, long lasting and energy efficient machine lamps. Designed and manufactured to meet the industry standards, these lamps find wide application in Textile, Automobile, Engineering, Process, pharmaceutical, Packaging, Jewellery, Electrical, Electronics and host of other industries.

PL Machine lamps undergo rigorous quality checks to provide optimum combination of price and performance. These easy to install and maintenance free machine lamps are backed by credible sales and customer support network throughout India. Our client list boasts of the biggest names across the industry segments.

Through years of experience in the machine lamp industry, we have developed a complete range of machine lamps to meet industry requirements. We are also able to provide solutions for your unique application.

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